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Employment opportunities are available for counselors, group leaders, and special instructors this summer at Camp Na-Sho-Pa. If you are interested in joining us for an unforgetable summer, please fill out the application form below. You can also fax or send us your resume. Camp Na-Sho-Pa is an equal opportunity employer. We have a diverse and energetic group of counselors and staff from all around the world. Come and "Experience the Summer Adventure" at Na-Sho-Pa!.

Please direct all staffing questions to:

Personal Information
  • Gender:

Note: New York State Human Rights Law forbids discrimination on accound of race, color, creed, sex, national origin or age

School Information

Please Note that Camp Na-Sho-Pa hires only staff that have completed high school and one year of college.

Our Junior Counselor program (rising 12th graders) is open only to those who have been campers at Na-Sho-Pa.

Special Activities

Select a "number" after those activities in which you have experience: 1=leader; 2=good knowledge; 3=fair

Do you hold any certifications, training, experience, or college coursework in any of the following areas?

Positions and Salary

  • Please list and explain all teams, extra cirricular activities,volunteer work and jobs below. You may write "see above" for areas covered in previous section.

(Personal and Business) Please include address/phone numbers

Give Us a Glimpse of You!

Being a camp staff member has a lot to do with personality and, with this in mind, we'd like to offer you the opportunity to show us some of yours! Our international staff is required by their agencies, that they come to camp through, to put together a little photo presentation that will show us a little more about themselves. We'd like to give you that same opportunity. Just send us some photos and a short description of what's going on in the picture! Here are some examples:

Playing sports,  a production you're in, a philanthropy you work with, an adventure you've been on, you and your family, the time you went skydiving or ran with the bulls etc.

NOTE: This is OPTIONAL but suggested.

Please send to:

Subject Line: A Glimpse of Your First & Last Name

Orientation Week for all staff: TBD

Specific positions such as Group Leaders and Specialists will be asked to arrive a few days earlier for preparation.

Camp Ends: TBD

Camp is an exciting and fullfilling way to spend your summer. It is a way to make lifelong friends, positively impact the lives of children and coworkers and to push yourself to new heights. However, please keep in mind that camp work means long days. You will have one day off a week (with the exception of the first and last weeks of the season) and will be on duty 2-3 nights every week. Camp Na-Sho-Pa is a nonsmoking environment and will not tolerate the use of or possession of alcohol, drugs or tobacco on the camp property.

NOTE: It is mandatory requirement that all camp employees under age 21 have on file in our office a certified birth certificate. All employees under 18 years of age will also be required to submit valid working papers.


Winter Address: P.O. Box 10 · 92 Main Street · Bloomingburg, NY 12721
Summer Address: 150 Na-Sho-Pa Road · Bloomingburg, New York 12721


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